What is an HHO Generator



An HHO Generator is a device that will generate a hydrogen gas mixture of the type 2 parts Hydrogen, 1 part oxygen from water with the proper electrolytic catalyst solution added to the water. The resulting hydrogen gas that is produced can be used for the power grid, your home, car, boat, weed wackers, lawn mowers, ATVs, snowmobiles, for construction and farm equipment applications, etc...


How does this HHO generator work?


An HHO generator splits the water catalyst solution in the designated reservoir into the 2 part hydrogen atom, 1 part oxygen atom gaseous mixture or vapor. The electrolytic core that does this needs to operate in the range of 1.98 volts to 2.03 volts, using a current of anywhere between 1.5 to 3 amps. Science dictates or indicates that running an electric core of this voltage and amperage within an electrolytic catalyst solution will give this type of resultant gas.  There is also a small water component associated with this gaseous mixture. This is how the hydrogen gas is formed.


What is the proper interface point or motor injection point for an HHO Generator?


The proper injection point when adding a fuel additive to any vehicle would be to inject or add the hydrogen gas to the "closed loop" portion of the fuel system. This allows the vehicle to use the gas instantaneously and also the hydrogen gas is available for use by the vehicle as soon as you START the car. There is no vehicle motion required to push or blow the gas into the motor. This also means there is also no tuning of any parameters such as the PWM signal. An interface point like this would be considered to be the motor vacuum. This interface point draws air directly into the motor as soon as you turn the key and start the car. 



Are there different types of HHO Generators on the market?


Yes! There are... 2 types. One is a 2 piece HHO generator. This type of generator gave rise to the theory of HHO being used for vehicles and has existed since the year 2000. It has many pieces to install or fit under your hood. It does not operate in the closed loop portion of the fuel system. Instead, the vehicle must be in motion for any type of hydrogen gas to interact with the fuel system of the motor. This and other factors such as wind speed, crosswind speed, vehicle speed VARY the amount of hydrogen gas that gets applied to the motor this way in a rapidly changing delta factor. This is NOT ideal, it is a VERY inefficient way, and also an extremely careless way, of adding a fuel supplementing mixture to your vehicle fuel supply for better or improved MPG.


The 2nd type of HHO generator that exists on the market now is actually a HYDROGEN on DEMAND type of generator. It generates hydrogen gas via electrolysis as well. The difference here is this kit hooks directly into the motor vacuum and therefore the application of interfacing to the vehicles fuel system is done in a closed loop configuration. This makes the workings of this kit quite a bit more efficient when it comes working correctly with your motor to increasing MPG... As a matter of fact, 80%+ more efficient; This number or efficiency rating is a constant value. 



Why is there so much clutter and/or confusion regarding HHO Generators?


We will make a few statements, you figure it out...


Magazines like Popular mechanics state ANY HHO system does not work. Period. They are minimally right, sort of.


There are several problems with the popular mechanics' statement, and one is they have not tested or reported on a 1 piece motor vacuum kit that interfaces "correctly and properly" to a vehicles fuel system. We agree that a 2 piece kit is hit and miss when it comes to getting some or any fuel savings. So the fact that Popular Mechanics did not report on our generator and it's superior efficiency skews things. But they do agree with the statement or our logic that a 2 piece kit does not work properly.


You get big organizations like this one and they screw things or screw the reporting up. Yup. Think about it. Should popular mechanics not know vehicles? Should they not know or comment on the fact that injecting hydrogen (HA, HA, HA) through the air intake of a vehicle for increased fuel efficiency is fatally flawed? Being automotive experts, should they not know this method would be fatally flawed and extremely inefficient or extremely hit and miss when it comes to getting hydrogen gas to interface correctly or properly with the vehicles fuel system? 


Of course, they should. But they don't or just skew the reporting by telling you what they want. Never mind telling you what is right or correct. We believe popular mechanics is owned by the oil industry folks. If it is, do the oil giants want you buying less of THEIR product?




Our 1 piece motor vacuum HYDROGEN ON DEMAND kit easily installs on your vehicle, typically in less 1.5 hours. An install can take 15 minutes. It gives 1000% less overall vehicle emissions, at least 20% better MPG or increased fuel economy, a cleaner motor for enhanced engine life, extended oil change life, a couple other perks.

At Supercharged Eco-Friendly Hydrogen Hybrids (SEHH) our real mission is to help mother earth by offering a world-class product that cleans up our air and helps everyone breath better... Order one of our HHO generators today.