Fuel Genie Systems Hydrogen Injection kit now works for Nissan. Another vehicle which Fuel Genie Systems helps saves on gas and also becomes a green vehicle, helping to combat climate change by reducing greenhouse gases. Drives like a electric car

December 9, 2019

Our 1 piece MOTOR vacuum hydrogen injection kits now work for Nissan vehicles and give 30% better fuel economy...


Fuel Genie Systems Canada and SE Hydrogen Hybrids are pleased to announce our hydrogen injection system now work for Nissan vehicles.

Previously, any vehicle with 6 oxygen sensors would not get enhanced MPG with any type of hydrogen kit. This is due to the fact that it is very hard to run a motor lean(er) than it is already being run with 6 oxygen sensors, hence no MPG increase on NIssan vehicles using a hho kit.


With the new VP15 O2 sensor attenuator chip which Volo makes, and our hydrogen injection kits we recently recorded a mileage video of a 2019 Nissan Frontier which went from 21 MPG to 30 MPG. A 30% increase in MPG, on top of reducing emissions to near zero. Excellent fuel economy. 



See this video here...






You also get more power, a cleaner motor, and a green vehicle. Your car drives like an electric vehicle in terms of acceleration and responsiveness.


Tesla owners won't like that. They paid $100,000. for a green, efficient vehicle with quick acceleration. You paid $850. to convert your car to the same green, efficient type vehicle; this is super sweet compared to the price they paid for their car.





Highlights of our fuel saving 1 piece motor vacuum generator kits:



On top of saving you gas our kits are also guaranteed for 5 years on the titanium core. The core is made from rare earth materials and rock solid. It does all the heavy lifting and its material is of the finest quality. 


Our kits also run at 6 volts. This means the solution inside the hho generator (water) now lasts 2xS as long as before. You get over 5000 miles before you need to refill the hho generator. 


Our kits also have a electronic gas cutoff safety switch. If your motor stops running, the hho generator shuts off or stops producing gas. An important feature.


Our kits come with a freeze strip preventing ice build up from damaging the unit. Good to at least

-50 C.








See our other mileage videos, clean engine, green emissions and cool stuff on the official website for Fuel Genie Systems Canada, SE Hydrogen Hybrids at:









Dave Scrivens

President and CEO

Fuel Genie Systems Canada

SE Hydrogen Hybrids







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