Our hydrogen generators (HHO kits) save on gas...

With our new Titanium core line model of hydrogen generators we own the market. Simple and easy to install our kits will save you tones of money on gas. If you google HHO kits and look at the pictures you will see the kits that show up in a google search are crapped on. But look at the pictures of these kits v.s. what is shown on the official Canadian website for Fuel Genie Systems Canada and SE Hydrogen Hybrids, sehydrogenhybrids.com You will see 2 completely different pictures. This means the workings of the kits are completely different. Also no company, no magazine no reporter has done any type of report on our kits. This is also why we show people mileage videos of MPG increase on various cars. We get crapped on incorrectly all the time. Such a shame for a kit that can typically save consumers $2000. in fuel costs per year, and up, and also turns any vehicle into a green vehicle. All at a cheap price, with guarantees and warranties in place on the generator kit to protect consumers. Such a waste for the earth to be subject environmental pollution and degeneration needlessly. Please also notice that no other HHO vendor (they are not companies like FGS is) has the mileage and clean air, clean engine videos that we do. We are the only ones with a proper video set. That is because our kits work. At fuel genie systems, we work with leading universities and researchers from around the globe at finding ways to make hydro carbon fuels burn cleaner, therefore reducing emissions and also saving on fuel. Simple to install and cheap to buy. With the savings you get you will pay for your generator in 4 to 6 months. The generator can install in as little as 15 minutes. The environmental benefits are not just extended to removing poisonous gases from the air we breath. When a device such as we have is used on automobiles, it also lowers the PH level of the already lessened exhaust emissions from a acidic PH level of 4.6 to a neutral PH level of 6.1 to 6.3. This is a huge win for the oceans, Canadian rivers, lakes and streams, as well as the eco-systems and eco-life which they support as well as forests, and land masses i


n general. Acidic rainfall is also quite detrimental to land masses and industrialized structures, such as buildings, bridges and roads. Being acidic rainfall has way more leaching power than a neutral substance.




Dave Scrivens

President and CEO

Fuel Genie Systems Canada

SE Hydrogen Hybrids




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