HHO Generator appears on BBC TV for reducing GHGs; Chosen as TOP 1000 GREEN product by UK entrepreneurs and investors; Reduces acid rain, gives at least 20% better MPG and Best Hybrid Car. For immediate release...

Fuel Genie Systems is pleased to announce our hydrogen generator, on demand kit, has been chosen by entrepreneurs and investors in the United Kingdom, as one of the TOP 1000 new and innovative green products. As reported on by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and Donald TV. Our generator produces hydrogen gas which converts any vehicle to a green vehicle. It also gives at least 20% better MPG. A typical install yields 30% better MPG. Top end is 50%. Hydrogen gas burns hotter and therefore burns the fuel mixture more completely. This improves motor efficiency and also produces less vehicle emissions making this a best hybrid car. 


We all like to save gas, therefore the benefits of this are obvious. You also get more power, a cleaner motor and enhanced engine life. 


As hydrogen is a clean burning fuel, and also helps burn the fuel mixture of a combustion engine that much more completely emissions are also reduced that much more. Carbon monoxide gas is reduced over 1000%. Hydrocarbons, over 66%. C02. 8%.

We also improve the acid PH level of gases or exhaust leaving your tail pipe. So what does this do for the environment, as well? Currently, the emissions of any vehicle are at a PH level of 4.6. This is a number in the acidic range scale of PH, and as you guessed it, contributes to acid rain. Using a hydrogen generator such as we have increased this value to a PH level of 6.1 to 6.3. This is PH neutral. A big difference for the atmosphere and this has quite a positive effect of decreasing acid rain, which currently has a devastating effect on the eco-ssytems of Canada. The carbon footprint of a vehicle is also decreased.


See the interview from the BBC below.




Thanks to all,


Fuel Genie Systems Canada

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