2007 Toyota Yaris drives like an electric car with a HHO generator, HHO kit. Still reduces greenhouse gas emissions over 1000%, gives 50% better MPG HWY, 30% more power. Cheap to buy easy to install.

Good morning and happy Sunday.


I say happy Sunday because it is one of my days off.  But that is not why we are writing this blog. Today, we wish to inform everyone about one of the benefits of using a 1 piece, proper, fuel injected type of HHO generator. 


See this recent fB video of a Nissan that gets 30% better MPG...



One of these benefits is the car drives or accelerates just like an electric car. I actually had a guy/lady in a Tesla get kind of pissed off or mad at myself on the freeway the other day. I was just driving my car around like I do every other day on my courier job. Now, being a 2007 Toyota Yaris, with a 1.5 litre motor, everyone who has owned a small car knows how gutless smaller motor vehicles can be.

So imaging, how someone who has paid over $100,000. for a car that has lightening quick acceleration feels when they see a 2007 Yaris, worth under $6000. zipping around, just like their electric car? I think they did not like it it. Especially the way they were driving after they noticed myself in my Yaris. 




So WHY does my Yaris, with a fuel injector type HHO kit improve acceleration?


Its simple. When you ADD a hydrogen kit, you improve the efficiency of the motor. Motor efficiency is ALSO key when it comes to an electric car. This is what gives an electric car it's instant acceleration. The efficiency of the electrical/motor system. The electrical motor responds instantaneously to the power supplied by the batteries. It is the nature of the electric drive or system of the car; electrical power turned instantaneously to torque by the electric engine.

The same type of motor efficiency is introduced when the PROPER type of hydrogen or HHO kit (fuel injector type) is added to a vehicle. The efficiency of the gasoline engine can be improved from, its absolute possible best and way inflated number of, 35% efficiency to over 80% efficiency with the addition of a hydrogen generator. 




When you improve motor efficiency it means the fuel supply which powers the motor is used to the fullest or close to the fullest. In the case of the gasoline engine, the gases in the cylinder get burnt much more completely. This means the motor responds much quicker when your step on the accelerator or gas pedal of the car. The result is more power transfer at a quicker rate by the motor of the vehicle. 


This gives improved acceleration at all speeds and allows ANY car equipped with a fuel injector type of hydrogen generator to accelerate, just like or very close to, an electric car. Our HHO generators also reduce greenhouse gases over 1000%, they also give improved MPG and save gas. 




Dave Scrivens

President and CEO

SE Hydrogen Hybrids














So when someone with a $100,000. Tesla 

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