HHO Generator now works for Marine Engines to improve MPG; Reduces Greenhouse Gases emitted into our ocean's by 1000%

September 3, 2018

SE Hydrogen Hybrids would like to announce that our world class, 1 piece motor vacuum hydrogen fuel injector HHO generator now has been tested and approved for Marine Engines. This is another feather in the cap for Fuel Genie Systems USA and their authorized world wide resellers. 


At SE Hydrogen Hybrids we feel that the Earth's Oceans are not only important to the various plant and aquatic life which live in it, the Oceans are important to the planet. We feel that the Earth's Oceans account for 90% of the oxygen supply which found on the earth. Plankton is one form of plant life which produces a lot of this oxygen and is sustained by the Ocean Eco-System of the earth. Coral reefs provide home to all kinds of unique Ocean/Marine life too. They spawn new life as hatchlings can hide in the safety of the reefs until they are large enough to venture out into the ocean on their own. They filter the earth's ocean. Coral reefs also protect the coast line from massive erosion; the continual tidal force which coral reefs stop from eroding the earths land masses is large and very important. They also produce nitrogen and of course oxygen.




Greenhouse Gases are spawned by automobiles, shipping, the aviation industry amongst other things. The toxic compounds ALSO found in greenhouse gases are:


  • Carbon Monoxide

  • Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)

  • Nitrous oxide (N2O)

  • Sulphur dioxide

  • Suspended particles, PM-10 particles less than 10 microns in size.

  • Benzene

  • Formaldehyde

  • Polycyclic hydrocarbons


These GHGs are not specifically talked about when it comes to this discussion. Yet, they have more detrimental effect on the health of the planet and you. You breath them. They fall back to earth through wind and rainfall. They are absorbed by food crops, plants, animals and humans.

This means that you ingest these pollutants through breathing, eating and drinking. Last time I checked Benzene, Formaldehyde, CM, and Polycyclic Hydrocarbons were chemicals that are toxic and cause cancer. 

Also, GHGs acidify the Oceans of the earth. These gases change the PH level of the oceans. PH really means potential hydrogen. Of course has a oxygen component to it. A reduced PH level means less of a oxygen component to it.



HHO Generator


Our world class HHO Generator reduces vehicle emissions over 1000%. This is key when it comes to helping the earth's environment and eco-systems. Our systems ADD oxygen to the environment through vehicle emissions. They also eliminate "the majority" of toxic gases mentioned above which cause you health problems. These are the gases contained in vehicle emissions which you never hear about, and I personally do wonder why this is so. Never the less, as an example, the shipping industry is a BIG contributor to the toxicity of the earth and more specifically it's oceans. These gases also cause you health problems and also cause problems for the animals of the earth. Our pets now get the same disease we do and I also personally wonder about that... Our HHO Generators also improve MPG in cars, trucks and marine engines by at least 20%. This further reduces the carbon footprint which impacts the earth. Most users (99% of our clients) get more than our BASELINE number of 20%.  Our HHO, Hydrogen on Demand, kits are cheap to by and easy to install. 


See this video showing a 1000% reduction in exhaust emissions.









Order your HHO generator today, save gas, and reduce greenhouse gases today.



Thanks to all,

Dave Scrivens 

President and CEO

SE Hydrogen Hybrids











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