Best Gas Mileage Cars; When you install a Fuel Genie 1 piece Hydrogen Injection kit, you get way better gas mileage, a green vehicle and Tesla owners get pissed at you as your car accelerates quick, like a electric car

So what are the best gas mileage cars and how do you really define these. There are several factors to consider.


1. The overall price you pay.


If the car is electric sure you save at the pump. Although for the life of a $60,000 to over $100,000 vehicle you really need to be able to keep the vehicle for a while in order to recoup the savings you would have used in gas costs. The electric batteries, winter which is very hard on a car, newness of the technology. These are factors which you need to take into account when calculating the price you pay, vs how much it really costs you overall in terms of getting the best gas mileage cars.


2. Can I modify my car with a cheap hydrogen kit that will save me a lot of gas?


Yes you can. I always say: If they can put a man on the moon, where is my proper working hydrogen kit? Technology, technology... Yes, you can modify your $15,000 or $20,000 or $40,000 gasoline vehicle if you want with a cheap but proper 1 piece hydrogen generator kit. This will give you at least 20% better MPG and creates cars with good gas mileage, while saving the consumer a bundle of money (about $20,000) on a proper fuel efficient vehicle with green emissions.


Your car also drives like a electric car for 1% of the price, and Tesla owners don't or won't like that... I zip along in my 2007 Yaris, it accelerates and has quick response like an electric car. When I pass Tesla owners, they usually don't like the way my car drives. Like theirs. For 1% of the price.


3. With an electric vehicle you also have to take into account...


What is the overall mileage on a single charge? Most electrics get about 250 to 300 KMS per charge. Then that is it.. Time for a recharge. Are you sure you want to be sitting on the 401 or wherever, recharging? So until technology gets better there is a problem with distance driving. Forget Ottawa to Toronto. Also, towing loads (like your boat or trailer) running the climate control in the car, signal lights, head lights, the radio, all take charge from the cars battery system, further degrading overall mileage. 


4. Vehicle Maintenance.


With a electric motor SOME of the standard maintenance items no longer need servicing. No oil to change, no valves, no muffler, no fuel injectors. I assume there is no air intake system either. So this is also something to consider when you pay the extra price of an electric car and must be factored into the price when looking for improved MPG with the best gas mileage cars.


5. Can you run the vehicle as electric, straight gas or both.


This is a bit helpful as you can compensate for the lack of distance and power consumption by supplementing the electrical batteries and their charge life if the vehicle you purchase is a gas/electric car.


6. A hydrogen hybrid is the best hybrid car.


It is a cheap modification, reduces fuel consumption, increases MPG, reduces engine wear and the price difference is at least $20,000. Meaning you can buy a Chevrolet gasoline vehicle for lets say $20,000. A electric in the same model is at least $40,000. Add a hydrogen generator and your vehicle is good to go as a fuel saving, environmentally friendly, vehicle. Not only that once you buy another car, you transfer the generator to it, easily.


7. A 2 piece hydrogen kit really works poor.


Again, that man on the moon technology. You see, this 2 piece kit came about in the early 2000s, spawned a lot of hype, was tested by the cities of Edmonton, Vancouver, and Seattle on their bus fleets. These cities found this 2 piece kit worked very poorly. And this is our point. Fuel Genie Systems USA created a 1 piece motor vacuum "fuel injector" type hydrogen kit. Quite a bit different animal than a 2 piece hydrogen kit. Way more efficient, way easier to install, and way easier to get working. We did this on a shoe string budget.


8. Running hydrogen is FREE energy.


And you cannot have free now can you? That would put money back in YOUR pocket. I personally think there is something wrong with that concept, putting money back in your pocket, when it comes to governments. So why do I, or people, not have a proper hydrogen system for their cars, technology that got spun out into society in the early 2000s, made available to myself from the government? As stated above, we at fuel genie system did this on a limited budget. 


9. Is any car really better in MPG than another?


Not really. All motors or gasoline engines are designed to run at MAXIMUM 35% efficiency. They cannot run any more efficient or you will blow the motor. So how can you get real good fuel economy out of something with 35% efficiency to start with? So unless on manufacture comes up with engine rocket science, all motors are the same regardless of who makes them. Adding a "proper" hydrogen kit increased motor efficiency to over 80%, reduces emissions over 1000% and gives AT LEAST 20% better MPG.

















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