What are Greenhouse Gases

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Some people are still in the dark regarding greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases create a global warming definition which heats up the earth. The heavier of these gases, C02, cause heat to become trapped closer to the earth's surface and the result is a warming of the earth's surface. What this does is makes our climate drier, more arid with less water readily available so the cloud based portion of the earth's environment forms less water. Less water to be sucked up means a drier climate. Greenhouse gases ALSO trap other gases too. This is what smog really is... Another form of greenhouses gases that are not talked about. These are the real toxic gases that are also produced by automobiles and also get trapped by C02. This smoggy haze contributes to health problems; we all ingest these toxic gases via the smog in our cities. Benzine, Ammonia, and quite a few other other chemicals that give you cancer are part of the byproducts from vehicle emissions. 

Greenhouse gases are also caused by coal fired electrical generation stations, carbon fuels like Oil and gasoline. 


Greenhouse gases also cause the polar ice packs to melt. An example of this problem is the Canadian government and their project of building an "ice mirror" to protect the ice shield in Northern Canada. This ice shield protects the core of the polar ice packs and stops them from melting way too fast. Alas. This ice shield is melting away too fast. The result of this and other ice packs melting in northern Canada, Alaska and the North Pole is a fast rise in coastal sea levels.


This will displace masses of people quite quickly and we are also, just now starting to see the effects of at least 50 years of global warming buildup.


How to address this problem?


A fuel genie systems HOD (hydrogen on demand) kit gives 1000% less overall emissions, reduces C02 gas emissions, reduces toxic gas emissions, and also puts 2 parts oxygen back in the air.


This 1 piece HHO/HOD generator kit works for cars, trucks and marine engines.


Please view this video. It shows the emission results tests (1000% less emissions) of a vehicle which has fuel genie systems 1 piece hydrogen generator installed and green machine 5 gas analyzer testing device stuck up the tail pipe; to measure the emission levels coming from the engine. 




Works for Cars, Trucks AND Marine Engines!



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