Hydrogen Generator reduces vehicle emissions over 1000%. Helps better gas mileage, and reduces climate change

With a lot of talk regarding reduced emissions, climate change, rising gas prices, global warming, we are starting to see the results of pollution caused by hydro carbon fuels and the improper use of these fuels. I do say improper as the devices which burn these hydro carbon fuels are quite inefficient. It is the nature of the device and how it works in conjunction with the vehicles motor when burning these fuels which is the problem. Todays engines only operate at MAXIMUM 35% efficiency, and cannot be run any more efficient than this due to negative operating characteristics. When you operate a device at only 35% efficiency the result is unburnt fuel in the form of exhaust. The gasoline injected into your motor does get burnt, but not at the right temperature. The result of not burning all the fuel properly and completely is emissions. Our 1 piece hydrogen generator solves this problem and ALSO gives you better gas mileage and improved fuel economy/efficiency. The addition of a hydrogen generator into the "CORRECT" injection point of your motor achieves this result. Dont believe me? See the below video which shows results from a 5 gas analyzer test... 


Our product works for cars, trucks and marine engines, reducing emissions over 1000% while also saving the consumer money.


Don't believe me? Is it worth 5 minutes of your time to find out how you can save gas and also help the environment?




Dave Scrivens

President and CEO


Fuel Genie Systems Canada






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