Best Hybrid Car; Hydrogen Generator survives accident unscathed... Toyota Echo a write off

Well. I was certainly disappointed to wake up on Feb. 4, 2018 and find my Hydrogen Hybrid gone from the parking space at my apartment. It was taken for a Joy ride. Stolen. I am sure Joy had nothing to do with it. Never the less, the car was found in a tow yard, smashed in the front end, both quarter panels, hood, smashed. Rad and bumper supports pushed right back into the motor. Windshield cracked.


Intact insurance was gracious enough to cover the car. They fixed this customer right up. They gave myself the maximum they could under the policy, even though the car was worth less than the settlement that they gave myself. 


This was quite an impact that the front of the car took. This brings us to another point regarding our fantastic hydrogen generators, the ones that are extremely cheap to buy and also a quick and easy install.


The hydrogen generator in the vehicle did not crack upon impact. It did not explode when the front of the car hit the wall or guardrail or whatever... The water type solution did not leak out of the unit. 


The Hydrogen on Demand generator, did not crack, did not explode, it shut off as soon as there was no motor vacuum. 


Why did the generator not crack? The generator did not crack as it is a one piece unit where the core and the water reservoir are one. This allows for the placement of a SINGLE component HOD generator in a location within the vehicles compartments (interior/exterior) that allows for the generator be tucked away from events such as a car accident. A single component unit is much easier to hide or tuck away and protect than a 2 piece HHO type kit with many parts.

Was there any explosion? Absolutely not. There are 2 reasons for this and both are pretty good....


1.  The HOD generator, as it is hooked into the motor vacuum is a world class HHO/HOD kit. Hooking a device into the fuel system of the vehicle in a closed loop manner makes the addition of hydrogen as a fuel supplement, a very EFFICIENT additive. Due to the efficiency of this unit, it does NOT produce or the motor does not take; a lot of gas. This makes the amount of hydrogen produced by the generator and needed by the car, minimal. Which is a good thing in terms of accidents and explosions from a hydrogen kit. You have a better chance of winning the 649 or power ball lotteries than you do in regards to having our hydrogen kit explode under your hood.


2. This HOD generator has a motor vacuum safety switch. As soon as the motor cuts out, stalls, or stops operating, the generator shuts off and stops producing hydrogen gas for use by the vehicle. This is an important safety feature. If the electrical of the car is still active, without a motor vacuum safety switch, that is not found on a air intake style 2 piece HHO kit but is found on our 1 piece motor vacuum Hydrogen on Demand (HOD) kit, the unit will still produce hydrogen until the electrical of the car is disconnected. That could but not necessarily is bad news. Police cruisers and some police forces use a 2 piece kit. Law enforcement leans on the safe side so that also says something about the safety of HHO kits. Of course, with our 1 piece HOD kit, you get full safety, full piece of mind.


So my 2003 Toyota Echo is now dead, but the hydrogen generator survived the impact from the crash without explosion or loss of functionality.



Our kits are safe and VERY efficient. Visit our website today,


We are the official Canadian distributors for Fuel Genie Systems world class HOD generators.




Dave Scrivens



























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