HYDROGEN on Demand Generator gives 650KMS per tank of gas intracity and HWY; Improves fuel economy by 150KMS

I was noticing today while driving how much better fuel economy I get with my 2003 Toyota Echo. I get approximately 33% better MPG. This is BOTH city mileage and HWY combined. I already get 45 to 50% better MPG straight highway mileage. I have gone to Kingston and back on $20. and the total 394KMS.


This means the HYDROGEN ON DEMAND generator gives better fuel economy both on the highway and city when driving your vehicle. 


So you save money with a hydrogen on demand generator even when your in the city. But to give some type of milage guarantee in the city is impossible. Starting, stopping, traffic, bicycles, pedestirans, are some of the things which hamper or dampen fuel economy. 


Yet at SEHH we can say our hydrogen on demand generator give you savings both city and highway. No other company of HOD kits can make that claim... In fact, there is NO other company who makes HOD generators.


Come see us at SEHH to have a aftermarket HOD kit installed on your car today!


We have 6 installing garages in the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada area.



Dave Scrivens





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