HYDROGEN on Demand Generator survives -41c weather, still works great

How cold can our HHO generators get without failing?


Our HHO/HOD generators can get pretty cold and still perform as expected... How cold is cold? Consider last year in 2017, when the pictured car with a hydrogen generator survived -31c and still generated hydrogen gas with no electric core damage.


This is the key. No core damage.  This year the temperature dropped tp -41c on Jan 6, 2018. The unit still produces hydrogen gas, there is NO change or degradation of hydrogen gas. The performance of the car with the hydrogen gas is still optimal. 


The electrical core of the unit is CRITICAL to proper and continued operation. I have found on HHO kits if this freezes solid a few time (4,5,6) it will not work anymore. Hydrogen gas production is severely degraded or does not work at all. What good is that?


Adding isopropyl alcohol (91% proof) is NOT an option. This degrades the efficiency of gas production in ANY HHO type device. In other words using isopropyl alcohol is incorrect, harmful to the environment and the amount of hydrogen gas produced by ANY HHO generator (a straight HHO generator or our HHO/HOD type device) falls off dramatically when you add this element to a device which produces hydrogen gas from water and is also used in the cold.


It is great to have a device that gives 50% better MPG on the highway and works correctly, enhanced engine life, gives 1000% less vehicle emissions by removing excess toxins and C02 from the vehicles exhaust. Our kit also allows your car to put oxygen BACK in the air through its tail pipe. 


Thanks to Fuel Genie Systems in the USA for helping save money and protect the environment.




The one and only official Canadian distributor for the only company who makes Hydrogen on Demand HHO kits.






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