Is your kit different than other HHO kits that are currently sold on the internet?

Yes. There is a difference. Our kit is a 1 piece motor vacuum kit, not a 2 piece air intake kit.

How much will I save on gas?

A typical install yields 30% better MPG highway. Every vehicle is different.

Our guarantee is at least 20% better MPG on the highway. If we sell you a hydrogen injection kit and you get less than this, and would like a refund, we give a 85% money back guarantee. This covers our replacement costs IF a kit is returned and the wires are butchered, the motor vacuum hose is cut, the mounting bracket is bent slightly or modified, restocking.

You say using a hydrogen generator runs your motor in a lean configuration. I have heard doing this can overheat your motor. How do overcome this problem?

We can run a motor in a lean configuration using a hydrogen generator, as the hydrogen gas has a small water component to it. This cools the motor and keeps the motor running at normal operating temperature. We know this water component cools the motor enough that at BDC, motor temperature is less than 300F.

Who else makes a motor vacuum type HHO kit...

Nobody. At least, not that I can find as President and CEO of Fuel Genie Systems Canada...

I constantly check for these things. I have to. Simply put, the President of FGS USA knew a long time ago if you had this type of HHO kit working, it would be the cat's meow. It took a long time to perfect, and many motors were wrecked during R&D but it was worth it. See our Rogers TV video. We explain the timelines in getting this kit to production and also how hard it was to make.

Is your kit easy to install?

Yes. A typical install is less than an hour, and a customer can do it. If the customer cant, any competent mechanic can. Due to the simplicity of our kit. Our hydrogen kit has 1 piece, not 50. I know a guy who did is Toyota Yaris in 15 minutes. It can be THAT simple.

Is the product guaranteed?

Yes. Our generators are guaranteed for 3 years on the core, 1 year on the acrylic canister.

You can transfer the generator to your new vehicle. This does NOT void warrantee.

Unlimited mileage warrantee. You can put 500,000 miles on your vehicle in 1 year. We will still honour our 3 year guarantee. The core does the heavy lifting, the canister is peanuts. Our freeze strip (required in Canada) ensures all warrantees and guarantees stay in place. 

How does this make my car a green vehicle?

We reduce green house gas emissions in several areas. Carbon Monoxide, a very harmful and dangerous gas to your health is reduce by over 1000% from exhaust emissions. 

Hydrocarbon emissions are reduced 66% approximately.

Carbon Dioxide is reduced approximately 8%.

Nitrous gases are reduced completely to zero.

Oxygen is actually created within the engine and then expelled through exhaust emissions.

This is a water type device. In Canada it is cold. Will the unit still function?

Yes. The water in the generator essentially becomes a block of ice -25c and below... The freeze strip which is required in Canada to ensure all warrantees are honoured is good to -41c. This ensures the canister and or core does not crack or fail due to ice pressure buildup. Upon startup, it takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes to bring the unit up to full hydrogen gas production. On a really cold day, -30c or below, it can be 10 to 15 minutes. I start my car, let it warm up 5 minutes and then I am usually good to go. You can tell your using hydrogen gas by the reduce emissions and the lack of smell associated with these.

What are some of the other perks associated with using a hydrogen injection kit?

I find that this is a 1000% performance upgrade for your vehicle. It cleans the interior of the motor via steam cleaning. It gives up to 50% better MPG. It makes your vehicle a green vehicle. It enhances engine life. You get more power.

Does Fuel Genie Systems make a kit for motorcycles?

Yes we do. The prototype is out, functional and has been tested. Soon we will be releasing our HHO kit for motorcycles, and some types of ATVs.