A few pictures w/gallary commentary

At SEHH and Fuel Genie Systems (FGS) we strive to bring you the best when it comes to a product for your car. Our HOD kits provide vehicle owners with the excellent benefits and environmental piece of mind. Our picture commentary gallary provides you with graphics and details of our product and all the things it can do for your vehicle, your responsibilites to the environment and Mother Earth.

As an example, this bulldozer generates a lot of pollutants for your, my, everyones' environment, especially when there are 100 gazillion of them around, spewing black smoke into the air. This is a example of how a FGS HOD kit from SEHH can reduce emissions on any type of vehicle with any type of engine/motor.
Supercharged! This system actually DOES provide quite an increase in performance. I find this to be a 1000% upgrade in overall performance with the NZ emissions, enhanced milage, more power, less vehicle maintanence. I do not do this often, but when I put the pedal to the floor I find the motor tries to jump right out of the hood. THESE FUEL CELLS ARE THE MOST ADVANCED AND EFFICIENT DESIGN OF HYDROXY GAS (HHO) INJECTION SYSTEMS FOR GASOLINE AND SMALL DIESEL ENGINES.THESE SYSTEMS WILL PRODUCE ENOUGH HYDROXY GAS TO MOVE A 3,900 LB. SUV WITH A 3 LITER ENGINE, 40 MILES AT 65 MPH ON LESS THAN 1 AMP OF 12 VOLT POWER. 
Are you environmentally responsible or do you just drive a vehicle and that is it? We hope you are conscious of the place you live. Due to the 70% inefficient nature of a combustable engine (your cars) an amazing amount of pollution is created by each vehicle and in mass this amounts to the problems we now have with toxins in the enviroment where you eat, breath, and live; mother earth. By installing a fuel genie system HOD kit in your car, this increases the efficiency of the motor to over 90% and provide NZ emissions. Hence eliminating a a major problem for all inhabitants of this planet. A installed HOD kit also PUMPS oxygen back into YOUR environment.
So if you have been listening so far here is another reason to have a Fuel Genie Systems HOD kit from SEHH. You also save money on engine maintanence, oil changes. That is right. This system SAVES you $$$ in this area too and it also extends your engine life. It is really the carbon deposits that accumulate in your vehicles engine oil and cause problems which dirty the oil, leaving it less viscose and therefore your engine becomes more prone to wear as the engine oil life decreases. Over time a little wear on the oil life before each oil change adds up to a lot of engine wear. Your oil will show much less wear and this will EXTEND the life of the engine in your vehicle. It also extends transmission and fluid life. Since the motor runs cooler so does the transmission.